We’d love to go on about all the ways Solstice at Grapevine can accommodate and cater to you, but our residents and families do it so much better! Read all the great things our family has to say about us below.

The staff plans fun activities for the residents

"Today I attended a fun concert by an Elvis impersonator at Solstice in Grapevine. The residents gathered on the lawn for the outdoor concert. Something I noticed about the staff was the way they cared for and served the residents. Juliana and Rebecca were chatting with them and Mr. Max took special care to be sure that everyone got their dinner on the lawn. They all even put on disposable gloves to help serve the food. I learned that the staff plans fun activities for the residents. The last concert was a Dolly Parton impersonator."

Yvonne S.

5 STARS and a HUGE KUDOS for making my family’s lives so much easier
“I am so proud to say that we have the best leader ever. The Manager cares about the residents. He has put safety measures in place to make sure that my mom and all of the residents are safe, checked on, plenty of food and has a crew that really knows how to clean rooms. When you walk it, it is a breath of fresh air. It smells good, looks good, music is playing and just a totally different atmosphere. Kudos to whomever hired this manager. He does not sit and manage from behind a desk, he is all over the community, even calls BINGO (Lord help him), he is there at night cleaning himself, checking on the sick and truly loves the residents. Solstice gets 5 STARS and a HUGE KUDOS for making my family and the other families’ lives so much easier.”
Maria J.
I highly recommend this place
“I have lived here since March 2019. I love it here. We had management change for the better. He came in and started to make changes people didn’t like, but you can’t please everyone. He is making this facility better for us. Staff is very friendly and very courteous. They are working with the new management and not against him. We get three meals a day and the chef cooks great food. I highly recommend this place to live.”
Elaine D.
Nice and helpful people
“Solstice at Grapevine was lovely. The rooms were nice and the people were very helpful. It was pretty classy. I recently received a call from one of their representatives and they were very nice. I’m very pleased. The dining area was very nice and it was very elegant. I was looking for something very close and it’s only a block away from us.”
Outstanding dining experience
“We found Solstice at Grapevine. The staff was great. The gentleman that walked us around was very informative and very interested. He used my mother-in-law’s name multiple times so he was engaged and paying attention. We know that he is on call. If something happens, he has a pager. We were very pleased with the walkthrough. The rooms were fine. They looked very nice. They have good choices of food. There was a very good social environment. The dining experience was outstanding. They have very active social settings, and they also have transportation to the Grapevine Senior Center which was important for us. A lot of the people there go to the same church as my mother-in-law. They have transportation to the church. They have karaoke night. Also they have a choir that was very important for her. They have a very nice social calendar with great transportation.”
Residents are in good hands
"My father is doing well so far since his move into this community. So far he seems to like it, and doing pretty well. I do feel comfortable with his move to this community. I know he is safe, and in good hands. They have a good staff. So the experience is going pretty well for us in this community."
Helpful and friendly staff
"My mom moved into Solstice Senior Living at Grapevine. It’s clean, and the meals are pretty decent. The staff has been very helpful and even allowed an interim day to accommodate my mom. They have been super friendly. They’re kind of going into transition right now and the maintenance staff is being upscaled as we speak. They have a lot of activities. They have a chapel and one of the local Catholic churches come in to do communion service. It’s pretty easy to get in and out of the place.”
Yummy food
“Everyone was extremely friendly and the food was quite yummy.”
Michael R.
Great location
“Excellent retirement facility. Great staff, great location.”
Thomas H.

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